Fire History Of Santa Barbara

One of the best ways to predict the location and behavior of future fires is by learning about historical wildfires in our area. Since the 1950s, Santa Barbara County averaged approximately one large fire per decade. However, the number of large fires within and adjacent to the County has increased substantially over the last decade. You can view an online interactive Santa Barbara County Fire History Map showing local fires dating back to 1912. 

Local writer and photographer Ray Ford, has captured some amazing photographs of some of the most notable fires. These photos tell a story about the significance of these historic events and give insight on how best to prepare for future wildfires. They can be viewed on his webpage The Nature Photographer.

This section is devoted to information regarding our rich local fire history.

Lynn Biddison

Lynn Biddison

Lynn Biddison looks at the wildland fire service through eyes that have seen...

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