Gaviota Coast Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

This Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) will help make the Gaviota Coast more fire-safe by identifying wildfire risks and allowing the community to prepare for wildland fires by identifying potential opportunities for fire hazard reduction, recommending best practices for fuel reduction treatments, recommending measures to reduce structural ignitability, and providing residents with educational resources about fire preparedness in their communities. In 2016, the Santa Barbara County Fire Department began collaborating with area residents regarding the CWPP Development Process, and the 2016 Gaviota Coast Plan identifies the need to develop a CWPP for the Gaviota Coast planning area.

The Santa Barbara County Fire Safe Council has been awarded a $196,000 Fire Prevention grant from CAL FIRE to prepare the Gaviota Coast CWPP.

Project Area

Project Status

The Santa Barbara County Fire Safe Council and its consultant are in the process of conducting a fire hazard and risk assessment for the CWPP area. Stakeholder and community meetings will be held in the coming months.

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