How to Prepare

Home Hardening

The best chances your home has to survive a wildfire is to prepare the structure itself so it can “stand alone” – meaning a fire can move through the area and without anyone on site, minimal damage would occur. Creating a stand alone structure means taking the necessary steps to harden it to wildfire. The following sections were developed to give you the resources you need to create a hardened home.

The Wildfire Home Retrofit Guide: How to Harden Homes Against Wildfire was developed by the Tahoe Network of Fire Adapted Communities and gives a clear detailed overview of the fundamentals of hardening your home to wildfire.

For more details on home hardening principles, The Tahoe Network has recordings of three virtual workshops regarding home retrofitting accessible online. One each for the PublicBuilding Professionals, and Fire Professionals and Educators.


Another helpful resource is the California’s Wildfire Retrofit Guide

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